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Reopening Wednesday

So, unless we are told otherwise today when more information emerges, we will be open at 7am on Wednesday morning. We have some provisos though; 1) you must adhere to the social distancing rules and ensure that you keep 2m distance from others who are not within you family. We have plenty of pegs available that are 10 metres apart. 2) Please either have the correct cash for your ticket (£7 for adults, £6 for Junior/OAP) or a contactless card to pay with. 3) We advise you to bring your hand sanitizer with you, which is good fishing practice anyway. 4) All pegs will be on a first come, first served basis. We have plenty of pegs available but are aware that some pegs are more popular than others. You may not get the peg you want. Please behave responsibly. 5) No more than one person on a peg(except for children with their parent from the same household). No peg hopping & no sharing of tackle. 6) Please fish politely & considerately. 7) Fishing will strictly be between 7am - 7pm. 8) We reserve the right to remove anyone who doesn't stick to our rules & these guidelines.

Our matches will not be starting until "gatherings" are allowed.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at last! Please behave responsibly so that we can ensure that our fisheries remain open for everyone to enjoy.

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