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About our Waters

Fields Farm Fisheries has a large variety of waters and pegs, to give you different challenges. The waters are all continuously fed by spring water, making for a healthier fishery.

Far Hope Pool - The Allrounder

Fishing on Far Hope is around a central island, and offers excellent fishing for the match man or pleasure angler alike. Generously stocked with Carp (to 15lb), plenty of F1s (to 3lb) backed up with Bream (to 4lb), Crucian (to 3lb), Rudd (to 1lb), Roach (to 1lb), Chubb (to 4lb), and scale-perfect Tench (to 3lb), the pool has widely-spaced pegs offering varying distances.  The depth of the pool ranges from 5-8ft. Good baits to use are pellet, meat and corn with castor and maggot in the colder months. Equally fruitful is a chuck to the island using running method, feeder or  straight lead. (1 acre / 22 pegs).

Big Beam - Match or Pleasure

Big Beam Pool is a great match pool. Stocking is similar to Far Hope with the addition of thousands of F1s (to 3lb). At nearly 2 acres, Big Beam is the largest pool here at Fields Farm. A canal by design, Big Beam has match and pole fishing in mind, with nearly all of the pegs fishing at 13.5 metres wide to the far bank. Split into three legs, this pool can accommodate small or large matches alike. The depth ranges from 5- 8ft. With expander, meat or corn fished over a bed of micros or hemp, can bring good results down the track. Equally, paste does well in the margins. (2 acres / 52 pegs)

Kingfisher Pool - The expert

Kingfisher Pool, offers excellent all year round fishing, with several easily accessible pegs close to parking.  There have been some recent additions to complement the existing quality Crucians (to 3lb) and Tench (to 6lb). Kingfisher still carries the odd quality Carp, decent Chub & Barbel, as well as Rudd, Roach, Perch and Bream (to 6lb). Kingfisher makes an excellent silver fish match water if Carp and F1s are not your preference. Depths range from 5 to 9ft. (1.5 acres / 32 pegs)

Sandy Pool - The Specimen

This irregularly-shaped lake is our specimen pool, with many features to investigate, including the sunken island where fish can always be found (but be careful as this area can be snaggy). Carp (to well in excess of 25lb) are backed up by a good head of quality doubles. A recent welcome addition to Sandy Pool, are our Catfish, some of which are in excess of 40lb; with Big Bad Barry (pictured) tipping the scales at 44lb on his last appearance. Bream to 5lb, Roach to 2lb as well as plenty of quality Crucian, Rudd, Tench, Bream, Chub, Barbel and Perch. In addition to the island, reed and lily beds prove to be good features to fish to. Successful tactics also include fishing to the bottom of the marginal ledge. Good baits include expanders, castor, meat and corn, with halibut pellets or meat for the Cats. (1.3 acres / 33 pegs)

Farm Pool - The new pool 

The newest of our 5 pools and the closest to the Farm, hence it's name! Generously stocked with Carp, Bream, Crucian, Rudd, F1s, Ide & Roach, this circular pool hosts two islands and has 19 pegs. Depth is 4-5ft. It fishes well to the sedges on the island as well as in open water. It is adjacent to our Camping and Caravanning Club site and parking is on the hard standing section at the farm end of the pool.

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